Put on Your Red/Green Glasses and Play Birds In A Scene - Level 4 of 9

The fun way to improve visual information processing skills – anytime, anywhere.

Put on your red/green glasses, click Start Game on  the sample activity above and check out our cancellation.

An expanding library of exciting activities – but it’s not just fun and games.

Improving the patient experience in clinic and at home with verifiable outcomes

Our goal is to have something for every patient

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System Requirements - Works on computers & smart devices

  • OVB works on any PC or Mac system manufactured since 2008.
  • You DO NOT need the latest web browsers, Flash plugins, or operating systems for your computer.
  • OVB works on tablets and phones.  Activity play and cancellation are affected by the individual's personal sight abilities. Small screens, such as phones, may not be effective for all users.*
  • Scheduling, checking scores, ordering and communication work from any device with an internet connection and a web browser.
research based

OVB is research based and therapist approved.

Anytime, anywhere.

OVB works on almost any computer or smart device.

Red/GreenOVB offers superior Red/Green cancellation. Scores & Graphing

OVB scoring and metrics accurately tracks patients.