Using The Therapist Dashboard

support-therapist-dashboardscreenFor most of your activities, use the Therapist Dashboard.

The Dashboard is divided into two sections. Typically, things to help you are on the right and action items are on the left. If we have notifications for you, you will see those at the top of the page.

This tutorial may display differently,depending on your browser, but functionality should be the same across platforms.

The first thing you will most likely notice are the large circle icons. These are your controls.


icon_patients Patients: Access a list of your patients. You can also contact, view scores or schedule activities for a patient on this page.


icon_add Add Patient: Each patient requires a unique user license. If you have available licenses, we will confirm and add the patient. If necessary, you will be prompted to purchase additional licenses.


icon_schedule Schedule Activity: Pick an activity and add it to the schedule.


icon_scoresScores: Track your patient’s progress.


icon_activitiesPreview Games & Activities: Learn more about the activities you are assigning to your patients by trying them yourself. Your scores are not tracked, and you play the same version your patient plays. You see what they will see.


icon_emailMessages & News: Go here to communicate. We only store the original message you send. We do not review these messages and only have access if you give approval during a tech support call. After you send the initial message, everything else is done by email. We stay out of the middle to protect privacy and facilitate direct communication.

Next, look at the right column. This section has lots of helpful items for keeping things going smoothly.

Need Instructions: The most common tasks are explained quickly here.

Priority Tech Support: We know you need answers fast. Visit this page to read Frequently Asked Questions or Documentation, learn about Red/Green Calibration, Contact Us for Tech Support, or report problems.

Account Info: This page is personal for every user and is only viewable with your username and password. Here, you can update information about your shipping address, review merchandise purchases, edit contact info, change your password, edit billing information and more.


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