Frenzy! JR Visual Letter Edition


Frenzy! JR Visual Letter Edition

Understanding how letters and their sounds make up words is the key to successful reading. To play, students take turns building new words one letter at a time unless a Frenzy card is played; then it’s a rush to lay down all your cards before your opponent does the same. Each card offers visual clues to trigger the letter/sound connection.

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Instructions (Click to download)

  • Frenzy! is comprised of 70 Cards:
  • 67 Letter Cards
  • 3 Frenzy Cards
  • Object of the Game:  Be the first player to discard all of your cards.
  • Number of Players: 2-4

Setup:  Each player draws a card.  The player with the letter closest to /A/ wins the deal.  The Frenzy card counts as a /Z/.  In the event of a tie, each player with a tying card draws again.  Once the dealer is determined, the player directly to the left of the dealer begins play.

The dealer begins laying out cards from the top of the deck until a word is formed.  This word becomes the starting point for the game.  The unused cards are returned to the deck.  The cards are shuffled and each player is dealt 7 cards.   If a player is dealt a Frenzy! Card, that card must be returned to the deck and a new card issued.  The remaining cards are placed facedown to create the draw pile.

The /p/, /b/, /d/, /n/ and /u/ cards are depicted with the underline beneath the letter.

The following letters are not included in this game: /k/, /q/, /v/, /x/, /y/ and /z/.


  • A game commissioner will be appointed.  This person must be a strong reader and be able to rule on the validity of a word.  Profanity and words that are deemed offensive will not be tolerated.  If this type of word is played intentionally, then that player immediately forfeits the game.  The game commissioner will have final say in this matter.
  • Once a card is laid on the pile, it cannot be removed.
  • If a card is played that does not spell a word, the player loses a turn.  This rule may be lifted at the discretion of the commissioner.
  • Proper nouns, slang and abbreviated words are not acceptable i.e. neg, rad, lat, etc.
  • The second card must always stay a vowel.  The other positions must be consonants, blends and/or digraphs.
  • If the draw pile is depleted and the game has not been won, the top word is removed from the word pile to continue play, while the remaining cards are shuffled and re-formed into the draw pile.

How to Play:  Each player takes turns creating a new word using one card i.e. if the original word is bag then the first player will use one card to change this word to nag, big, bat, back, stag, etc.  If the player cannot make a new word with his or her existing cards, then a card(s) must be drawn until a word is formed.  Once a word has been made, it is the next player’s turn.

A player can immediately win the game at any time by playing the word “win”.  The rules stated above must be followed i.e. changing “pin” to “win” “wish” to “win” etc.

The same card can be played again, i.e. if the word is dog, a player can lay down a /d/ /o/ or /g/ in the same position.

Frenzy Card:

  • If a Frenzy! card is played, each player may immediately begin laying down cards to create words as fast as they can.  They do not have to take turns. They may continue laying down cards until they do not have a play.  They may not draw from the deck during Frenzy!  If all the cards in a player’s hand are used, then this person wins the game. If a player draws a Frenzy! card, it must be laid down immediately.  The commissioner can halt a Frenzy! at any time to enforce the rules stated above.

The next player in the rotation resumes play in the event that a player does not win the game during a Frenzy!

Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.


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