Connections JR-A VIP Card Game


Learning and practicing key Visual Information Processing skills has never been so fun! Match all of your cards using a variety of VIP skills before your opponent does. Skills covered include:

  • Visual Closure
  • Visual Discrimination
  • Visual Spatial-Relationships
  • Visual Form-Constancy
  • Visual Figure-Ground

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Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.


Connections JR is a matching game comprised of 68 playing cards and 4 red reference cards.

Object of the game: Be the first person to discard all of your cards.

Number of Players: 2-4

Setup: Each player is provided with a red reference card. This card serves as a visual cue for determining a correct match. A dealer is selected and 7 cards are dealt to each player. The remaining cards are stacked to create a draw pile. The top card is laid face up to start the game. The player directly to the left of the dealer begins play.

How to Play: Each card has two possible matching points. One match must be made to play a card. If a player cannot make a match, a card must be pulled from the draw pile until a play can be made.


1. The 3-animal sequence located at the top of the card must match the same sequence of another card.


2. The animal depicted below the 3-animal sequence must be matched to the same animal on another card regardless of presentation i.e. size, color, shape and/or orientation. The red reference card can be used to determine the accuracy of a match. There is only one animal match for this option per card.

When a card is played, the next player up must determine how the cards match before playing a card. For a shorter version of the game, each player states out loud how the cards match when laying down a card. If the game has not been won by the time the draw pile is exhausted, the dealer will remove the top play card, shuffle the remaining cards and establish a new draw pile.


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