New Games

We add new activities and games each month. To see the latest we have to offer, use the scrollable thumbnails above or view the snapshots below.

Balloon Counting Series
Count the balloons and drag the correct number to the box provided.
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Color Challenge Series
Indicate whether the color of the text and the meaning of the text match.
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Flip It
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Kapow Series
Shoot the spaceships before they get you! Extra points for hitting the UFO. Click and hold down either left mouse
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Letter Matching Series
Drag the bottom image to the correct top image to complete the letter.
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Listen Up Series
Listen to the clues and then tap on the picture that describes what you heard.
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Sight Word Series
Listen to the word and then find it in the scene.
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Swipe It
Read the instructions at the bottom of each page and use your touch screen to either swipe the screen or
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