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Locate a Doctor with the College of Optometrists in Vision DevelopmentHi parents & caregivers! We're happy you're here.

Our Visual Brain is available with a guided vision therapy program. In short, you need a therapist to help you get the most out of our activities and games. Your therapist will make sure you're using the activities correctly for therapeutic progress.

Our games are lots of fun. They engage the brain through color, movement, sound and puzzle-solving activity.

If you need to find a therapist in your area, our friends at the College of Optometrists in Vision Development can help. They have a fantastic doctor locator that's easy to use. Click here to locate a doctor.

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Train brains for optimal learning, confidence and enjoyment with Our Visual Brain.

We learn best when stimulated and entertained with sights, sounds and interaction that provide immediate feedback. Our Visual Brain is an interactive online platform, dedicated to building and reinforcing Visual Information Processing, Eye Tracking, Perceptual Skills and Brain/Hand/Eye coordination.

This engaging solution is comprised of an administrative portal and an expanding library of Anti-Suppression, Tracking, VIP and Perceptual Skill Building activities, all accessible with the purchase of the Our Visual Brain package. Click here for a full list of our activities.


  • Research based, therapist-conceived and approved protocols
  • New techniques and colors to revitalize traditional red/green anti-suppression practices
  • Cloud-based and accessible anywhere, on any device (PC, Tablets, Smart Phones) *
  • Activities advance in difficulty as skills are mastered
  • Instant access to updates and new activities. No downloads necessary!
  • Intuitive Administrator Portal to create customized assignments, schedule and track patient coursework and progress
  • Patient dashboard immediately updated with assigned homework
  • Built-in secure messaging with patients and/or home coach
  • Flexibility for assignments to be In-Clinic or Home Therapy

Try Our Visual Brain for free with no credit card up front.  

System Requirements

  • OVB works on any PC or Mac system manufactured since 2008.
  • You DO NOT need the latest web browsers, Flash plugins, or operating systems for your computer.
  • OVB works on tablets and phones.  Activity play and cancellation are affected by the individual's personal sight abilities. Small screens, such as phones, may not be effective for all users.*
  • Scheduling, checking scores, ordering and communication work from any device with an internet connection and a web browser.


See it for yourself with our demos

* Please note that screen size matters. Our activities have been tested and found to work on 7-inch tablets and phones. They will operate on most smart devices, however, cancellation and readability may be affected at small screen sizes.