What we do and why we do it…

A personal note from Jennifer Powell, our creator:

“When my son Noah was in vision therapy a few years ago, I found that after attending school all day and then doing his homework, he was extremely reluctant to do his vision therapy homework.  This situation created friction at home and impeded his progress.  Understanding his frustration with having to perform tasks that were not engaging, I was inspired to create fun and interactive activities that would work on the same skills as other homework models.  My goal was to create a program that therapists could use during treatment but more importantly could be utilized in the home.  By developing a tool that can be used on almost any operating system from 2008 on, keeping my price point low and developing tools that entertain and well as train, I was able to create a program that is accessible, affordable and most importantly, effective.  I am very proud of Our Visual Brain and I hope you and your patients enjoy your time with us.”

We’ve been building Vision Therapy Tools for a while and we’ve had a lot of help.

Our background was originally in building learning tools for early skills such as reading and math. Our visual technique attracted Lisa Knopp, MA Ed., COVD and Dr. Ted Kadet OD, FCOVD of Hope Clinic in Bellevue, Washington. They loved our hands-on format and when they discovered that the system could be applied to Vision Therapy, an idea was born. We would essentially flip the model; instead of tailoring therapy around existing materials, we created a wide variety of activities that were therapist driven. Our collaboration resulted in the birth of OurVisualBrain.com, an innovative hands-on product line designed to accommodate a wide variety of visual information and perceptual processing needs.

By delivering our tools online, we are able to reach a wider array of therapists, respond more quickly to questions and input, increase therapeutic value by combining therapy with technology and provide direct feedback and input on patient progress.

Our therapist advisors continue in their collaborative role — providing us with ideas, feedback and testing for Our Visual Brain.

We are constantly creating new and exciting activities for your patients and will continue adding them to OurVisualBrain on a regular basis.

Because our product is therapist-driven, the ideas keep coming. We have many more activities in the works and welcome your ideas. If you ask for it, we will try to create it. Please contact us with your ideas or suggestions.