Vergence Base Protect Series

Vergence Skill Building. Convergence, Divergence and Jump Duction versions. Protect your base by shooting the rocket that looks different than the other three.

Look at them all carefully before shooting!

To shoot, use the arrows on your keyboard, your touchscreen or if your device has a microphone, say “1,2,3 or 4” to choose the rocket’s position on the screen moving left to right, i.e. say “1” to choose the rocket on the far left. Note: Apple products do not support voice recognition.

Vergence Series

Vergence Skill Building: This activity is designed to train Vergence skills though repetition and small, steady improvement of range of motion/fusion and narrowing the gap between breaks and recoveries. Measurements in this activity are approximate. For more accurate diopter measurements, please consult your OD. Please review directions and activity with patients before assigning for home use, and tell them approximately how long to work their Base In and Base Out ranges, if you have goals for timing.