Grid Matching Series

Taking lines from the conveyor belt place them in the blank grid so that it matches the completed grid. You do not have to match the colors.

Fly Catching Series

Look at the number on the frog’s chest and drag the corresponding number of flies into his mouth. Watch out for the bees; they will count against you!

Listen Up Series

Listen to the clues and then tap on the picture that describes what you heard.

Tapout Fruit Series

Using your finger or a mouse pop the bubble with the fruit that does not belong in each basket.

Bubble Shooter

Shoot 3 or more bubbles with the same face as the shooter to score points. Keep an eye on the shooter bubble; it changes. Aim with your mouse and shoot with a left click.

Match It

Drag and drop the images from the conveyor belt to their match. Beat the clock or prepare for an explosion! This is a challenge activity meaning the player can choose their own difficulty level,

Follow Me

Tap the images in the sequence they appear.