Bug Matching Series

Red/Green Visual Discrimination Skill Building: Click on each pair of matching bugs.

Auditory Matching Series

Auditory Memory Skill Building: Listen to 2 sounds, and then when the images appear, click on the images in the same order you heard them.

Bobble Blobs Series

Red/Green Tracking Skill Building: Avoid the dots to stay alive. Score bonus points by intercepting the falling blobs.

Listen Up Series

Auditory Memory Skill Building: Listen to the clues and then tap on the picture that describes what you heard.

Tapout Fruit Series

Red/Green/Tracking/Visual Discrimination Skill Building: Using your finger or a mouse pop the bubble with the fruit that does not belong in each basket.

Match It

Red/Green VIP Skill Building: Drag and drop the images from the conveyor belt to their match. Beat the clock or prepare for an explosion! This is a challenge activity meaning the player can choose their own difficulty level,

Swipe It

VIP Skill Building: Read the instructions at the bottom of each page and use your touch screen to either swipe the screen or tap on the arrow. You may also use the arrows on your keyboard.