Birds in a Scene Series

The first screen will display 1 bird holding an image. There will be a distraction and the screen will display 2 images. Tap the image from the first screen.

Grid Matching Series

Taking lines from the conveyor belt place them in the blank grid so that it matches the completed grid. You do not have to match the colors.

Fly Catching Series

Look at the number on the frog’s chest and drag the corresponding number of flies into his mouth. Watch out for the bees; they will count against you!

Tapout Fruit Series

Using your finger or a mouse pop the bubble with the fruit that does not belong in each basket.

Accommodation Series

Click the arrow which corresponds to the direction of the opening of the ‘V’.

Score shows right eye and left eye percentage correct after 10 rounds.

Doctors and/or therapists should determine which plus/minus flippers their patients will use to move through at the most 3 levels of accommodation skill building. The flippers are what make the levels challenging and the accommodation skills to be developed and mastered.