Solve It Series

Red/Green and MFBF Math Facts Skill Building: Solve the equation at the bottom of the page. Then, choose the correct answer from the numbers above.

Match It Series

Multiple VIP Skills: Drag and drop the image from the conveyor belt to its match. Beat the clock or prepare for an explosion!

Spelling: CVC Series

Red/Green Spelling Skill Building. Look at the picture then find the letters in the row below that are needed to correctly spell the word. Read the word out loud, when you are sure you have spelled the word correctly, click the green checkmark.

Vergence Base Protect Series

Vergence Skill Building. Convergence, Divergence and Jump Duction versions. Protect your base by shooting the rocket that looks different than the other three.

Look at them all carefully before shooting!

To shoot, use the arrows on your keyboard, your touchscreen or if your device has a microphone, say “1,2,3 or 4” to choose the rocket’s position on the screen moving left to right, i.e. say “1” to choose the rocket on the far left. Note: Apple products do not support voice recognition.

Follow Me Series

Tap the figures in the order they appear. Mirror what’s happening on screen.

Word Connect Series

Red/Green Word Skill Building: Connect the letters to form words. Please note that not all word combinations are included.

Directionality Series

Red/Green Directionality Skill Building: Use the keyboard arrows to indicate which direction the finger is pointing. If your device has a microphone, use your voice to say, “UP”, “DOWN”, “LEFT” or “RIGHT” to indicate which direction the finger is pointing. Note: Voice recognition is not supported by Apple products.

Whack It Series

Red/Green bdpq saccadic skill building.  To play look at the letter on the bird flying across the screen.  Look for the same letter on the mole’s sign and whack it with your mallet.

Frenzy Series

Red/Green Letter Sound/Word Skill Building. Points are scored as new words are formed. A ten point bonus is awarded to the player who goes out first.