Birds in a Scene Series

Red/Green Visual Memory Skill Building: The first screen will display 1 bird holding an image. There will be a distraction and the screen will display 2 images. Tap the image from the first screen.

Grid Matching Series

Red/Green Visual Closure Skill Building: Taking lines from the conveyor belt place them in the blank grid so that it matches the completed grid. You do not have to match the colors.

Fly Catching Series

Red/Green/Math/Tracking/Visual Discrimination Skill Building: Look at the number on the frog’s chest and drag the corresponding number of flies into his mouth. Watch out for the bees; they will count against you!

Bug Matching Series

Red/Green Visual Discrimination Skill Building: Click on each pair of matching bugs.

Balloon Counting Series

Red/Green Math Skill Building: Count the balloons and drag the correct number to the box provided.

Bobble Blobs Series

Red/Green Tracking Skill Building: Avoid the dots to stay alive. Score bonus points by intercepting the falling blobs.

Listen Up Series

Auditory Memory Skill Building: Listen to the clues and then tap on the picture that describes what you heard.

Letter Matching Series

Red/Green Visual Closure Skill Building: Drag the bottom image to the correct top image to complete the letter.

Pop A Rama Series

Red/Green Tracking Skill Building: Pop the bubbles for points but don’t let them leave the screen or you lose a life. A bonus is earned for popping the faster moving starfish.

Kapow Series

Red/Green Tracking Skill Building: Shoot the spaceships before they get you! Extra points for hitting the UFO. Click and hold down either left mouse or finger on touch devices. Player continually fires following the mouse or finger.