Frenzy: A Red/Green Card Game

Red/Green Letter Sound/Word Skill Buildng. Points are scored as new words are formed. A ten point bonus is given to the player who goes out first.
Each player is dealt 8 cards which are displayed at the bottom of the screen.
Each player takes turns creating a new word using one card they own.
If the player cannot make a new word with his or her existing cards,
then a card(s) must be drawn. Once a player reaches a total of 8 cards and still cannot play, their turn will be over.
Once a card has been placed, it is the next player’s turn.
A player can immediately win the game at any time by playing the word “win”.
The same card can be played again, i.e. if the word is dog, a player can lay down a /d/ /o/ or /g/ in the same position.

• Once a card is laid on the pile, it cannot be removed.
• If a card is played that does not spell a word, the player loses a turn.
• Proper nouns, slang and abbreviated words are not acceptable i.e. neg, rad, lat, etc.
Profanity and words that are deemed offensive will not be tolerated
• The middle card must always remain a vowel. The other positions must be a consonant
• The following letters are not included in this game: /k/, /q/, /v/

Action Card:
• Frenzy!: If a Frenzy! card is played, both players may immediately begin laying down cards to create words as fast as they can.
The players do not have to take turns; they may continue laying down cards until they do not have a play.
A player may not draw from the deck during Frenzy!

Hoops! Series

Using touchscreen, keyboard arrows or your mouse, move the basket to catch the basketball.

-To use touchscreen, tap on the screen
-To use the keyboard, press on any key
-To use mouse, click on the screen

Word Swipe Series

-Use the title of the puzzle as a clue to finding the correct answers.
– Swipe letters horizontally or vertically, forward or backward to find and collect words
-PRO TIP: Look for bonus words that do not fit the clue to earn coins. These coins can be used to help you out if you get stuck and need to use the “Search”, “Clue” or “Shuffle” options.
-Click on the star to add coins to your bank!

Block Out Series

Blocks of different shapes drop from the top of the screen into a box. Each block is made up of four small squares arranged to make a larger square, an L-shape or a column. As the blocks fall, they can be rotated or moved horizontally so that every space in the box is filled. When a horizontal line is completed, that line is “destroyed” giving you more points and moving the rest of the placed pieces down by one square. If a line remains incomplete, another line must be finished above it. The more lines that stand incomplete, the higher the blocks above them stack, reducing the space in which falling shapes can be manipulated. When the blocks reach the top of the screen, the game ends.

Jigsaw Puzzles Series

Choose a puzzle and the size you would like to play.

If you would like to save the progress you have made on your puzzle, click the pause button and return to the menu page. You can return to the puzzle you are working on whenever you like by choosing the same image and puzzle size.

Maze Challenge Series

Use the arrows on your keyboard or the touchscreen to move your player through the maze. Along the way, you must collect the diamonds and coins while avoiding your enemies. You must also collect each treasure chest in order to complete the maze. Each treasure chest contains a magic piece of fruit that will help you defeat your enemy. Once you have collected each coin, diamond and treasure chest, move your player to the target at the end of the maze.

We Move: Visual Planning

We Move Video teaches an exercise that synchronizes the two hemispheres of the brain to work on memory, visual attention, motor and speech skills.