Whack It Series

Red/Green bdpq saccadic skill building.  To play look at the letter on the bird flying across the screen.  Look for the same letter on the mole’s sign and whack it with your mallet.

Frenzy Series

Red/Green Letter Sound/Word Skill Building. Points are scored as new words are formed. A ten point bonus is awarded to the player who goes out first.

Jump It Series

Red/Green Tracking Skill Building: Guide the frog from the bottom of the screen into one of the open coves at the top. Catch a fly for extra points. This game is played similarly to the arcade classic, Frogger. Patients must distinguish between safe areas and danger areas on the screen as they move through the obstacles. In Red/Green or MFBF versions of this game, some objects cancel on screen.

Watch Out! Series

Red Green Visual Attention Skill Building: Control the traffic and avoid crashes by clicking on cars to speed them up. Beware: When a car crashes, it’s game over.

Crush It Series

Red/Green Visual Discrimination Skill Building: This puzzle is a Match 3 game; collect three or more of the same letter or fruit, regardless of color, in a row or a column.

Box Stacker Series

Red/Green Spatial Reasoning Activity. Points are scored by stacking boxes on the platform. The game ends once a box is misplaced. Points should increase as the skill improves.

Fast Match: MFBF Series

MFBF Skill Building: Points are scored by correctly matching the symbol from the first screen.