Solve It Series

Red/Green and MFBF Math Facts Skill Building: Solve the equation at the bottom of the page. Then, choose the correct answer from the numbers above.

Scoop It

Processing Speed Skill Building math activity. Look at the number on the cone and tap to add the correct number of scoops. If you make a mistake, hold your finger on the scoop until it disappears.

Whack It Series

Red/Green bdpq saccadic skill building.  To play look at the letter on the bird flying across the screen.  Look for the same letter on the mole’s sign and whack it with your mallet.

Swipe It Math Series

Math Facts Skill Building: Points are awarded with each correct swipe. A high score is recorded for each 120 second round. Number of points should increase as the skill improves.

Fly Catching Series

Red/Green/Math/Tracking/Visual Discrimination Skill Building: Look at the number on the frog’s chest and drag the corresponding number of flies into his mouth. Watch out for the bees; they will count against you!

Box Counting Series

MFBF Math Skill Building: Count the number of boxes and click or tap on the correct answer at the bottom of the page. Hint: Use the arrows to move the boxes in different directions to help you count.

Balloon Counting Series

Red/Green Math Skill Building: Count the balloons and drag the correct number to the box provided.