Bobble Blobs Series

Red/Green Tracking Skill Building: Avoid the dots to stay alive. Score bonus points by intercepting the falling blobs.

Pop A Rama Series

Red/Green Tracking Skill Building: Pop the bubbles for points but don’t let them leave the screen or you lose a life. A bonus is earned for popping the faster moving starfish.

Kapow Series

Red/Green Tracking Skill Building: Shoot the spaceships before they get you! Extra points for hitting the UFO. Click and hold down either left mouse or finger on touch devices. Player continually fires following the mouse or finger.

Tapout Fruit Series

Red/Green/Tracking/Visual Discrimination Skill Building: Using your finger or a mouse pop the bubble with the fruit that does not belong in each basket.

Rhythmic Pop

Rhythmic Visual Motor Skill Building Activity: Tap the bubbles in time with the beat. Includes a visual cue for visually guided motor movement.

There are 15 levels of play with the number of bubbles needing to be popped increasing by 25 at each level.

Score grows with successful pops in unison.

Bubble Shooter

Red/Green Visual Discrimination Skill Building: Shoot 3 or more bubbles with the same face as the shooter to score points. Keep an eye on the shooter bubble; it changes. Aim with your mouse and shoot with a left click.

Follow Me

Red/Green Visual Sequential Memory Skill Building: Tap the images in the sequence they appear.